Market News

Guess Who’s Back

Market Update: 20 October 2020 Themes for 2021, brought to you by Thomas Averill The US election:  Although movements in the polls and wrangling over the stimulus package are generating near... » Read more

Moving back to a volatile normal

Market Update: 6 October 2020 As the RBA announced no move and a light indication it will cut rates next meeting - on the same day as the Melbourne Cup... » Read more

Unchartered Territory

Market Update: 25 September 2020 Thanks to a few catalysts and some themes coming to the forefront this week, AUD broke its upward trend. It's fair to say Guy Debelle... » Read more

The witching hour

Market Update: 21 September 2020 As tech continues to consolidate despite no news/ok news and perhaps some back of mind concerns of 2nd waves in Europe, we find everything else... » Read more

The world is not enough

Market Update: 18 September 2020 As we go past 30m COVID cases globally and sadly not far from hitting 1m deaths, the Central Banks are ever looking at ways to... » Read more

Begin Again

Market Update: 14 September 2020 Although we haven't gotten anywhere with Brexit and the US election is a coin toss, the one glimmer of hope is the restart of the... » Read more

(It’s not) OK, Computer

Market Update: 11 September 2020 A continuation for tech to consolidate has pretty much left most share markets lower/close to flat for the week and whilst the majority of the... » Read more

Who’s in the driver’s seat?

Market Update: 7 September 2020 A very strong payrolls and even better drop in unemployment (8.4% vs mkt expecting 9.8%) out of the US. Even my old favourite - the... » Read more

The recession we didn’t have to have

Market Update: 4 September 2020 OK the news reporters love a good market rout to sell their story... it brings interest, revenue and can be given a follow-up story to... » Read more

Don’t bite the hand that you feed

Market Update: 31 August 2020 Again China is implementing ways to gain revenge on Australia after being part of the conglomerate of nations wanting an investigation by the WHA into... » Read more