Thought Leadership

Currency Overlay: Why it’s important for managing currency risk

International investments have created vast opportunities and can be a great way of diversifying. However, there are additional risks attached, and if not managed purposefully, international investments can eliminate... » Read more

Get EoFY ready: Hedge accounting implications due to COVID19

June 30 is fast approaching, and we know there’s a lot to stay on top of at this time of year. Dealing with the level of changes and uncertainty... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: PEOPLE – Stakeholder Alignment

People should be empowered to innovate and perform critical decision making, which means they are driving long-term strategies that maximise enterprise value. Common Shortfalls Lack of timeSkills or experience gapCompeting or... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: PROCESSES – Smooth workflows of people and system interactions

A process should standardise and expediate regularly required operations, which means minimal resources are expended as people and systems interact to realise consistent outcomes. Common Shortfalls Key-man risk in manual, undocumented... » Read more

LIBOR REFORM – Top 3 Hedge Accounting Considerations

In 2017, regulators and industry groups recommended a transition away from the use of IBORs to Risk-Free-Rates (RFRs). Since then, there have been far more questions asked than available answers... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: SYSTEMS – Ensuring the system is being fitted to a process is key

Systems should empower people to effectively perform clearly defined processes, which means that time spent innovating and making valuable strategic decisions is maximised. Common Shortfalls Expensive, committed technology licensesHighly fragmented system... » Read more

Top 3 Hedge Accounting impacts from COVID-19

Not since the global financial crisis (GFC) have we seen this level of disruption to the economy and volatility in financial markets. Hedge accounting programs are directly impacted in several... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: POLICIES – Ensure practicality before requiring compliance

Policies should govern the roles and responsibilities of an organisation’s people and processes, which means expectations for risk mitigation are prescriptive, appropriate and consistently meaningful. Common Shortfalls No policy existsAged policy... » Read more

Hedge Accounting considerations when refinancing debt facilities

CFO's need to be well-armed when refinancing company debt. We often see the CFO win the ‘visible’ fight but lose the ‘invisible’ one. If you are not armed with a... » Read more

Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9: Top 5 CFO considerations

An important aspect of the role of the CFO is to stay abreast of changes and updates made by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).  The IASB have recently issued IFRS... » Read more