Currency Overlay

  • The Overlay team have over 40 years of industry experience in the FX and Currency Management space, having managed >$20bln in FUM.

Currency Overlay

Rochford’s currency overlay services are uniquely designed for each mandate, underlying asset portfolio, and risk return profile. We understand all facets of foreign exchange – both as proponents of risk seeking, as well as for market risk mitigation.



We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your underlying asset portfolio and the relationship of returns with the currency exposure(s).


Based on your investment mandate, we offer expert guidance on choosing the appropriate Overlay strategy – Passive, Active or Dynamic.


All technical and process changes are tested meticulously prior to implementation. Once strategies are in motion, we continue to monitor, generate feedback and offer professional advice and development as needed.

We can also trade on your behalf, proactively managing your currency exposure.


  • For Passive strategy we offer peace of mind that the NAV will be unaffected by currency fluctuations.
  • For Active and Dynamic strategies, we aim to improve the overall outcome of your portfolio returns (alpha) by active trading of currencies.
  • Our economies of scale mean a reduction in your overheads by outsourcing to independent currency experts.
  • This value-add is desirable to investors seeking a proactive approach to currency management.

Ben Ereira
Head of Currency Overlay
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