Guess Who’s Back

Market Update: 20 October 2020 Themes for 2021, brought to you by Thomas Averill The US election:  Although movements in the polls and wrangling over the stimulus package are generating near... » Read more

Moving back to a volatile normal

Market Update: 6 October 2020 As the RBA announced no move and a light indication it will cut rates next meeting - on the same day as the Melbourne Cup... » Read more

Satisfying hedge accounting compliance is 9/10th of the law for TOFA

Retirees and hedge accounting have probably never been mentioned in the same sentence before so sit back and strap yourself in, you are about to read something more original... » Read more

Unchartered Territory

Market Update: 25 September 2020 Thanks to a few catalysts and some themes coming to the forefront this week, AUD broke its upward trend. It's fair to say Guy Debelle... » Read more

The witching hour

Market Update: 21 September 2020 As tech continues to consolidate despite no news/ok news and perhaps some back of mind concerns of 2nd waves in Europe, we find everything else... » Read more

The world is not enough

Market Update: 18 September 2020 As we go past 30m COVID cases globally and sadly not far from hitting 1m deaths, the Central Banks are ever looking at ways to... » Read more

Begin Again

Market Update: 14 September 2020 Although we haven't gotten anywhere with Brexit and the US election is a coin toss, the one glimmer of hope is the restart of the... » Read more

(It’s not) OK, Computer

Market Update: 11 September 2020 A continuation for tech to consolidate has pretty much left most share markets lower/close to flat for the week and whilst the majority of the... » Read more

Who’s in the driver’s seat?

Market Update: 7 September 2020 A very strong payrolls and even better drop in unemployment (8.4% vs mkt expecting 9.8%) out of the US. Even my old favourite - the... » Read more

The recession we didn’t have to have

Market Update: 4 September 2020 OK the news reporters love a good market rout to sell their story... it brings interest, revenue and can be given a follow-up story to... » Read more