SP3 People – Stakeholder Alignment

People should be empowered to innovate and perform critical decision making, which means they are driving long-term strategies that maximise enterprise value. - Common Shortfalls Lack of time Skills or experience... » Read more

SP3 Process – Smooth workflows of people and system interactions

A process should standardise and expediate regularly required operations, which means minimal resources are expended as people and systems interact to realise consistent outcomes. - Common Shortfalls Key-man risk in manual,... » Read more

SP3 Policy – Ensure practicality before requiring compliance

Policies should govern the roles and responsibilities of an organisation’s people and processes, which means expectations for risk mitigation are prescriptive, appropriate and consistently meaningful. - Common Shortfalls No policy exists ... » Read more

SP3 Systems – Ensuring the system is being fitted to a process is key

Systems should empower people to effectively perform clearly defined processes, which means that time spent innovating and making valuable strategic decisions is maximised. - Common Shortfalls Expensive, committed technology licenses Highly... » Read more

IM3 Identify – Is it holistic?

Identification of risk should capture all risks faced by Treasury, which means market, economic and operational risks are managed in a holistic, integrated framework. - Common Shortfalls High percentage of Sales... » Read more

IM3 Measure – Is it meaningful?

Measurement of risk should quantify the impact of identified risks, which means risk management decisions are performed in line with the business’ risk appetite and commercial objectives. - Common Shortfalls Failure... » Read more

IM3 Manage – Are we properly equipped to be effective?

Management of risk should protect and enhance earnings, which means it is the most direct source of potential value creation in Treasury. - Common Shortfalls Lack of experience or skill sets ... » Read more

IM3 Monitor – Do we have visibility and governance?

Monitoring of risk should maintain proactive oversight, which means stakeholders are rapidly alerted to developing risks and empowered to execute risk management actions. - Common Shortfalls Lack of time Lack of... » Read more

US Government shutdown, political progress in Germany, Davos conference…

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We go against consensus and call for a USD recovery in 2018. The AUD is also in for a good year.

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