Private Equity – unlocking value in treasury and risk management

Post-acquisition by private equity (PE) most enterprises go through a review and streamlining process of their operating model.  PE will often appoint a management consultancy firm such as McKinnsey... » Read more

Weak US data continues to apply pressure on Greenback..

Weak US economic data continues to apply pressure to the Greenback as the USD Index post new lows.   Most AUD pairs are starting to look a little exhausted and ripe... » Read more

The RBA left interest rates on hold at 2.00%

The RBA left interest rates on hold at its meeting today. While the accompanying statement acknowledged the recent appreciation of the AUD and potential problems for the economy should... » Read more

The RBA are expected to leave interest rates on hold at 2.00%..

Janet Yellen’s dovish statements have resulted in significant USD selling as the market moderates expectations of hikes in the Fed Funds rate.   There could be a little further to go... » Read more

Commodity market performance likely to be a key AUD driver this week…

Although the AUD gave up some of its gains last week, it still appears relatively well supported especially in the context of equity and commodity market stability. Locally there is... » Read more

AUD starting to show signs of exhaustion…

The AUD has been the stellar performer of the last month, however it is starting to show signs of exhaustion in most pairs and we would not be surprised... » Read more

Risk assets rallied last week…

Risk assets rallied last week, as ultra loose monetary policy fuels the search for yield, putting the Greenback on the back foot. We remain concerned that there has been little... » Read more

Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9: Top 5 questions CFO’s/Treasurers should be considering…

An important aspect of the role of Treasurer and/or the CFO is to stay abreast of changes and updates made by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).  The IASB... » Read more

Risk appetite and commodity…

Risk appetite and commodity prices enjoyed a resurgence last week and this in turn supported the AUD, and although there maybe more to go in the short term underlying... » Read more

The AUD continues to hold up relatively well…

The AUD continues to hold up relatively well despite fluctuating risk appetite. This week the RBA are once again expected to leave rates on hold and reiterate that the inflationary... » Read more