Managing Risk: MANAGE – Are you properly equipped to be effective?

Management of risk should protect and enhance earnings, which means it is the most direct source of potential value creation in Treasury. Common Shortfalls Lack of experience or skill setsLack of... » Read more

Managing Risk: MONITOR – Do you have visibility and governance?

Monitoring of risk should maintain proactive oversight, which means stakeholders are rapidly alerted to developing risks and empowered to execute risk management actions. Common Shortfalls Lack of timeLack of skillset or... » Read more

A central case for happiness

Market Update: 24 June 2020 As European PMIs including UK came out better than expected and Germany has relaxed its warnings on ECB stimulus, markets continued on its positive tone.... » Read more

Home to roost

Market Update: 22 June 2020 Alike looking at charts with different starting points to reflect your bias, the aesthetic of COVID cases globally can also play to a bias. The... » Read more

I need a dollar

Market Update: 19 June 2020 This week was a bit quieter in ways where the AUD took a breather, tested higher, tested lower and invariably landed where it started. We've... » Read more

Get EoFY ready: Hedge accounting implications due to COVID19

June 30 is fast approaching, and we know there’s a lot to stay on top of at this time of year. Dealing with the level of changes and uncertainty... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: PEOPLE – Stakeholder Alignment

People should be empowered to innovate and perform critical decision making, which means they are driving long-term strategies that maximise enterprise value. Common Shortfalls Excessive key-man riskLack of financial market risk... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: PROCESSES – Smooth workflows of people and system interactions

A process should standardise and expediate regularly required operations, which means minimal resources are expended as people and systems interact to realise consistent outcomes. Common Shortfalls Key-man risk in manual, undocumented... » Read more

Rising of the 2nd wave

Market Update: 15 June 2020 Time for a breather, some consolidation and to take stock... or in this case, sell some. Markets have talked about a potential 2nd wave of... » Read more

LIBOR Reform | Financial Reporting Considerations

The deadline for transitioning from the UK IBOR rate (LIBOR) to Risk-Free-Rates (RFRs) is fast approaching, with the process due to complete at the end of 2021 and no... » Read more