Sell in May, go away…

Market Update: 1 May 2020 That adage is certainly working thus far as corrections in AUDUSD and its crosses alongside S&P fell. Initially, this was predicated on poor European data but... » Read more

Cash is King – as a reserve

Market Update: 30 April 2020 There's a continuation of amazing market moves reflecting positivity despite poor data, poor sentiment and Central Bankers telling us this is a medium to longer-term... » Read more

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades

Market Update: 29 April 2020 As Scott Morrison tells us the easing of lockdown restrictions are “not too far away”, we look at what that means for AUD and general... » Read more

Provision for the past or future?

Market Update: 28 April 2020 As Westpac follows NAB today in taking a $2.2Bln impairment charge, ASX takes a dip by 0.75% despite S&P +1.5% overnight.  Should this be the... » Read more

Hedge Accounting considerations when refinancing debt facilities

CFO's need to be well-armed when refinancing company debt. We often see the CFO win the ‘visible’ fight but lose the ‘invisible’ one. If you are not armed with a... » Read more

The tendency higher

Market Update: 27 April 2020 Things are chugging along in way of COVID cases falling across the globe – we’ve got this isolation thing sorted and the markets are rewarding... » Read more

How much is enough?

Market Update: 24 April 2020 The European Flash PMIs came out worse than anticipated and the EU Summit didn’t agree on mutual debt financing so EUR came under pressure last... » Read more

The tail wagging the dog

Market Update: 23 April 2020 Correlations are useful but not always predictable. AUD can tend to have a high correlation to S&P in good times, yet missed the bus through Q4... » Read more

Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9: Top 5 CFO considerations

An important aspect of the role of the CFO is to stay abreast of changes and updates made by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).  The IASB have recently issued IFRS... » Read more

Hedge Accounting for Forward FX Contracts

Derivatives are extremely volatile, which can cause adverse movements in fair-values and cash-flows to the detriment of reported earnings, and consequently the share price. This post explains the undesirable impact... » Read more