Treasury Function Optimisation

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Treasury Function Optimisation

At Rochford, we recognise how poor consistency and visibility within Treasury operations can be just as harmful as market risk

Many common issues within our clients​’ treasury functions include:

  • Inconsistent processes or lack of clarity
  • Team size limitations or skills gap
  • Competing or uncertain strategic agendas
  • Excessive key-man risk and undocumented procedures
  • Lack of KPI alignment to commercial & risk management objectives
  • Outdated policies or lack thereof
  • Expensive and underused technology licences
  • Highly fragmented system data and lack of process planning


Through structuring and managing treasury operations across multiple sectors and organisations, we have identified common shortfalls and developed flexible and effective solutions to treat value outflows and create long-term gain.

Our treasury solutions succeed time and again through an effective chronological path to success at the outset.

The four key areas for optimisation include:

  • PEOPLE – People should be empowered to innovate and perform critical decision making, which means they are driving long-term strategies that maximise enterprise value.
  • PROCESSES – Processes should standardise and expediate regularly required operations, which means minimal resources are expended as people and systems interact to create consistent outcomes.
  • POLICIES – Policies should govern the roles and responsibilities of an organisation’s people and processes, which means expectations for risk mitigation are prescriptive, appropriate and consistently meaningful.
  • SYSTEMS – Systems should empower people to effectively perform clearly defined processes, which means that time spent innovating and making valuable strategic decisions is maximised.

We operate flexibly, working closely with your key stakeholders while minimising disruption in day to day business operations.

With Rochford, you receive:

  • A full assessment of your fundamental Treasury processes, including stakeholder experience, current procedures and systems.
  • Instant identification of areas to improve – resulting in immediate mitigation of risk and leveraging of future initiatives.
  • A clear strategic plan outlining a tailored, optimal treasury structure, with stakeholder alignment on key priorities
  • Effective workflows with clear treasury calls to action for management
  • An efficient transition to enhancing your treasury operating environment, with minimal business disruptions
  • On-going protection and enhanced earnings
  • Direct access to professional advice and future developments

To discuss your Treasury Function objectives and how to optimise your people, policies, processes and systems, contact our Partner, Thomas Alexander at the details below.

Thomas Alexander
For more information please call:
Tel: +61 2 8916 6115
Mob: +61 403 735 191
Alternatively, email Thomas »

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