Why use a Treasury Consultant?

Why use a Treasury Consultant?

Rochford’s team of treasury consultant’s offer practical advice covering the whole range of treasury risks and requirements that confront a company.

Our core goal is to guide companies and institutions to fully understand, quantify and manage their treasury and market risks. In addition, we can advise on the accounting treatment of your hedging program so you can optimise the offset achieved by the hedges in the financial statements reducing profit and loss volatility.

Advice and leadership from an experienced treasury consultant is invaluable in achieving a robust risk management strategy.

If any of the following apply to you, we’re happy to help:

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Currency fluctuations causing unwanted earnings volatility
  • Commodity price fluctuations resulting in margin erosion
  • Fluctuating funding costs compromising cash flows
  • Inflated funding costs
  • Raising capital
  • Financial restructuring
  • Generic advice from transactional counterparts
  • Uncompetitive pricing on hedge trades
  • Continued changes to accounting requirements for financial instruments
  • Asked to do more with less and have inefficient processes and systems within your treasury function

You need:

  • Results have proven advice
  • Workable and robust policies and processes
  • Accurately identified and quantified risk
  • Hedging solutions designed specifically for your business
  • Efficient execution of market trades
  • More time to focus on core objectives of the business
  • Assistance with interpretation and application of hedge accounting standard
  • Expert analysis undertaken on your treasury function to improve efficiencies
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