Our Clients

  • We advise on several billion dollars of risk globally and our clients include companies listed on the ASX, NYSE, TSX, LSE and Nikkei 225.

Our Clients

Rochford has a wide spread of experience across a range of services and industries and we advise a variety of clients specialising in many markets. Roll over the logos below for a snapshot of the services we offer.

Client since 2010

The Reject Shop

Currency risk management policy construction
Ongoing risk management and hedging strategy assistance

Client since 2016


Treasury policy & process assistance
Ongoing hedging of currency advice and derivative mark to market reporting

Client since 2007


Ongoing foreign exchange risk management
Hedging policy construction

Client since 2008


Ongoing foreign exchange risk management

Client since 2009

Centennial Coal

Foreign exchange risk management

Client since 2009

Bandai Namco

Foreign exchange risk management across Asia Pacific

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